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‎FIRESAFE® ΙΙ K90 - Anwendungsbeispiele


FIRESAFEII K90 Anwendungsbeispiel 01 klein

Example of use 1

Connectivity option when using multiple capillary tube sensors TLR


FIRESAFEII K90 Anwendungsbeispiel 02 klein

Example of use 2

A big amount of volume flow is led through a previously established fire area


FIRESAFEII K90 Anwendungsbeispiel 04 klein

Example of use 3

Fire prevention in multiple fire areas


FIRESAFEII K90 Anwendungsbeispiel 05 klein

Example of use 4

Possibility of double-checking functionality


firesafeIIK90 Anwendung 5

Example of use 5

Protection of ventilation pipe via ventilation center on the roof of the building


FIRESAFEII K90 Anwendungsbeispiel 08 klein

Example of use 6

Two separate fire areas can be combined into one exhaust air pipe


FIRESAFEII K90 Anwendungsbeispiel 09 klein

Example of use 7

Combination of FIRESAFE II K90 and calcium silicate panels


firesafeIIK90 Anwendung 8

Example of use 08

Protection of central air exhaust by FIRESAFE II K90


firesafeIIK90 Anwendung 9

Example of use 09

Relocation of fire areas in order to install FIRESAFE II K90


firesafeIIK90 Anwendung 10

Example of use 10

Relocation of fire areas in order to install FIRESAFE II K90




100% unrestricted cross-section

  • less deposit
  • less cleaning expenditure
  • no additional pressure drop
  • low operating expenses
  • 100% security