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Smoke protection pressure systems

Legally, there exists no fire load in stairwells. In order to use them as an emergency exit in case of fire, the intrusion of smoke into the stairwell has to be prevented. The SYSTEM EXIT has its main focus on the evacuating people in the building in case of fire. The system will generate controlled overpressure inside the stairwell considering the maximum door opening force of 100N. Due to the immediate reaction of the self-regulating pressure relief valve affecting the doors opening inside the utilisation units, the ideal increase in velocity required by EN 12101-6 will be achieved, given the outflow leaving the building.

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Rauchschutz Druckanlagen System Exit Druckregesystem Dachanbau 140
pressure regulation system, installation on roof

Rauchschutz Druckanlagen System Exit Druckregesystem Wandeinbau 140
pressure regulation system, installation into wall

Rauchschutz Druckanlagen System Exit Zuluftevntilator EXIT ZV
supply air fan
(EXIT - ZV / ZV-B / ZV-BW)
EXIT 5.0

Rauchschutz Druckanlagen System Exit Steuerung EXIT5 0 140
control panel

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